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ITR offers an extensive range of roadliners and rubber pads. ITR roadliners and pads are suitable for ground machines up to 25 tons. With our range of roadliners, bolt-on, and clip-on pad types, we have a suitable application for every machine.

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Suitable for standard solutions up to 25 tons

ITR Bolt-on pads are specially designed to be attached using the additional hole pattern in the plate.

ITR Clip-on pads, on the other hand, are attached to the side of the plate using clips.

ITR Roadliners (city-pads) are mounted directly on the chain and replace the steel track plate.

ITR roadliners are available in rubber and polyurethane. Depending on the application, one of these compositions is chosen. Looking for the right roadliner? Then also provide us with the dimensions of the bolt holes and the required width.
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