ITR offers high quality chains for a fair price. The chains are produced in our own production facilities and are available in pitch101 up to and including pitch 317. ITR chains are designed to the smallest detail. This makes them reliable in the even the toughest of situations.

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Our chains are, for the most standard excavators, greased and provided with seals. This ensures a longer lifespan. Our chains (SALT) for bulldozers are oil lubricated. By using high quality seals and oil we can guarantee a longer lifespan.

Chain wear: how to recognise chain wear
Chain wear can be recognised by pitch enlargement. This means that there is more room between the pin and the bushing and the chain itself will become longer. But how can you notice or see chain wear? A first characteristic is that the teeth of the sprockets have become sharper, partly due to pitch enlargement. Another characteristic is the fact that the space between the shoes is getting bigger. A third characteristic is that the idler is coming out of the frame. Wear of the bushing on the outside can be seen by a flat side on the bushing, this is created by reverse driving with the machine. Next to this the height of the links is determinative and can be measured.

ITR Premium
Next to our standard chains, we also offer our ITR Premium chains. ITR Premium is made especially for the biggest of machines. These chains are designed and developed to be reliable even in the toughest of situations, mining for example. By using special seals, carburised bushings, special synthetical oil and PPR locking system our chains deliver excellent performance even in the toughest of situations. Also with our ITR Premium line we guarantee the highest of quality.


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